As an Invotech authorized Contractor you are qualified to process the guarantees of Invotech compressors.

As an authorized Invotech Contractor you are authorized to replace the Invotech compressor without warranty prior claim Up to 2 claims. As an Invotech authorized Contractor you will receive promotional discounts through your Invotech Authorized distributor.

As an authorized Invotech Contractor you also qualify for promotional and loyalty programs directly with Invotechnico USA:

  • Additional discounts.
  • Award travel, cruises, vacations for 2 people.
  • National Reference Program with Invotechnico USA In this program you will appear as a technical reference on our website.
  • National Marketing and Advertising Program
  • Sales Program, Promotions, Preseason

As an authorized Invotech Contractor you will have direct access to our software and engineering department.

  • Direct Warranty Claims
  • Engineering and technical solutions.

As an Invotech Authorized Contractor, Invotech will issue you a WORLDWIDE AUTHORIZED CERTIFICATE, which is valid for 12 months from the date of approval as an Invotech Authorized Contractor.


For Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center, the Contractor is VERY IMPORTANT! So we appreciate your choice of INVOTECH Scroll Compressors. INVOTECH rewards you with $1,000 pesos for each compressor you register and activate under warranty.

For the registration and activation of the guarantee in compliance with SAT tax obligations, you must issue an invoice with the following information:

  1. Recipient: Invotechnico USA
  2. RFC: LAM1602109IA
  3. Address: Puerto de Guaymas 300, La Fe, 66477 San Nicolas de los Garza N.L
  4. Payment Method: PUE – Single Transfer Payment
  5. Payment Method: 03 – Payment by Electronic Transfer
  6. Clear and detailed description of the goods or services being invoiced:
    • SAT Product Key: 72151200 Construction and maintenance services for HVAC heating and cooling and air conditioning.
    • SAT Unit: E 47 Service Unit.
    • Description: Model Scroll Compressor Installation
    • “Insert Activated Model”
  7. Total invoice amount, including taxes and other applicable charges:

    Subtotal $1000.00 MXN
    VAT $160.00 MXN
    Total $1160.00 MXN

Terms and Conditions