Manufacturers using INVOTECH compressors

Authorized Invotech

Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center's commercial purpose and objective is to meet the demand of the replacement market through its AUTHORIZED OEMs for the American territory.

To do this, we have developed and created a unique strategy to meet the market demand of our OEM clients:

  • Inventory capacity: 210 SKU
  • Delivery time and process
  • Packaging
  • Storage capacity
  • Automated purchase order processes
  • Real-time inventory confirmation
  • Test laboratory
  • UL certified
  • 24 month warranty



The purpose of this warranty program is to support the normal operation of our compressors and ensure that our customers are satisfied with their choice of the INVOTECH scroll compressor.

  • Reduce your maintenance and service costs.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Transparency and traceability in the claim and processing of guarantees.
  • Control

Terms and Conditions


12 month warranty on refrigeration equipment supplied with INVOTECH scroll compressor through the OEM equipment manufacturer. Applies exclusively to new equipment from the date of installation/integration.

12 months warranty covered directly by Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center.

Total Warranty: 24 months after installation.

Registration and Activation of Guarantees

  • Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center will process the warranty for all compressors duly registered through our platforms.
  • Equipment registration and compressor warranty activation must be completed immediately as a condition of the INVOTECH scroll compressor warranty.
  • This process is mandatory after the equipment has been installed, registered and the compressor warranty has been duly activated.
  • Warranty and activation approval certificate, which includes the commissioning sheet, will be issued once the equipment/compressor is installed.
  • The registration of the equipment and the activation of the compressor warranty must be processed through the INVOTECH website or the mobile application.

Warranty Claim

  • Maintenance and service personnel will issue a warranty claim through our website or mobile application:
    • Only compressors registered under our warranty program. Activation of the warranty is mandatory.
    • INVOTECH will ship the compressor in question within 24 to 48 hours without prior approval. Prepaid freight by the end customer.
    • The damaged compressor must be sent to our laboratory center within a period of no more than 7 business days from the date of the claim.

Validity Of The Guarantee

  • Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center will carry out the laboratory and diagnostic test of the compressor in recovery and will issue a warranty approval conclusion based on the laboratory test protocols of the “TEARDOWN” process.
  • The laboratory test consists of:
    • Physical inspection:
      • Label confirmation, serial number
      • Inspection of the physical appearance of the compressor, casing without shocks without damage
      • Inspection of suction and discharge connections
      • Inspection of electrical connections.
    • Checking electrical parameters:
      • Electrical resistances in the motor.
      • Hi-Pot Test
      • magger test
      • Compressor terminals
  • Analysis of internal elements
    • Lubrication, Compressor Oil Condition Condition Signs:
      • floating seal
      • Coil status
      • Pilot ring condition
      • Old coupling condition
      • Hub condition
      • Condition of the motor and rotor.
  • Laboratory report "DISASSEMBLY"
    • The compressor that is the subject of the claim will be subjected to the “TEARDOWN” laboratory analysis, in which the compressor will be opened to determine the root cause of the failure.
  • In this case, the compressor is defective, Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center will issue written approval of the warranty and the replaced compressor is issued at no additional cost.
  • Otherwise, the warranty claim is rejected, Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center will issue a written laboratory test report indicating the negative results of malfunction according to the operating and performance parameters of the INVOTECH compressor. As a result, the replaced compressor will be invoiced to the end customer, directly at a previously established compressor replacement cost based on their warranty claim.