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Invotech Is A Manufacturer Of Scroll Compressors

For Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Medium and Low Temperature applications. Our company offers a wide portfolio of compressors for heat pumps, chillers, and commercial refrigeration from 2HP to 60HP. We focus on providing comprehensive solutions for the HVAC/R industry that meet standards, efficiency standards, energy savings, cutting-edge technology, together with the needs of our clients for the replacement and OEM market.


At Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center we are dedicated to distributing and marketing SCROLL compressors for the HVAC/R industry

Our goal is to guarantee quality, efficiency and performance that exceed the expectations of our distributors, manufacturers and customers.


At Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center, our goal is the absolute satisfaction of our distributors, manufacturers and customers.

Focused on the continuous development of automation processes, ensuring the supply and inventory management that guarantee the availability of more than 200 models of scroll compressors for immediate delivery, in the American territory.


Build Trust

  • Affinity
  • Investment
  • Achievements


  • Transparency
  • Guarantee
  • Commitment


Profit (Profit Center)

  • Sustainability
  • Competitiveness
  • Growth


  • Commercial evolution
  • Oriented to new opportunities
  • Continuous development of the commercial relationship

Quality policies

At Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center, we are committed to offering quality products, using cutting-edge technology and following the highest legal, regulatory and environmental standards, exceeding the expectations of our distributors. , manufacturers and customers.

Giving emphasis on the immediate availability, training and training of our staff to offer excellent service and for continuous improvement in our quality management processes.

Quality objectives

Certify us in the ISO 9001:2015 Standard

NOM Certification

Growth 30%

Sustainable profit 2020-23

Satisfaction levels 92.6%

Continuous training for our staff

Reinvest in quality management and improvements


Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center has a distribution center, located in Apodaca, Nuevo León

This distribution center is intended to meet the demand of the replacement market and support our distributors in the following way:

Inventory: 210 SKUs

delivery time and process


Storage capacity

Automated purchase order processes

Real-time inventory confirmation


  • INVOTECH retrofit in YORK PACKAGE for fast food chain.
  • McDonalds Branch: Sports Location: Villahermosa Tabasco.
  • The PROVERSA company carried out a retrofill in January 2022 on a YORK equipment for a well-known fast food restaurant.
  • In this service a DANFOSS SH120A3ALC compressor was replaced with an INVOTECH YH292C7-210 compressor without any problems.
  • The Invotech compressor was placed on a YORK model ZF240cooa2aa1b.

12-24 Month Guarantee

Shipping to all of USA

+20K Products in Inventory

Individual packaging

Variety of Compressors

Delivery in 24-48 hours.

Training Program

Support and Engineering

Storage Capacity

Real-time inventory

Starter Kit

RAG Program

Mobile Application

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