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At Invotech Compressor Texas Distribution Center we are dedicated to distributing and marketing SCROLL compressors for the HVAC/R industry.

Our goal is to ensure quality, efficiency and performance that exceed of our distributors, manufacturers and customers expectations.

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Experts in providing technological solutions for the hvac/r industry

Our company offers a wide portfolio of compressors for, chillers, commercial refrigeration from 1.5HP to 50HP. We focus on providing comprehensive solutions for the HVAC/R industry that meet standards of efficiency, energy savings, cutting-edge technology, along with the needs of our customers for the replacement and OEM markets.

Focused on technical excellence.

+200 Models available, immediate delivery.

Our goal, to be your business partner.


Marketing and advertising programs.

Committed to becoming your direct supplier of our line of scroll compressors, Invotech launches different sales, promotions and incentive programs.

inventory capacity

Inventory available up to 19,000 compressors, deliveries 24-48 hours. Shipped to within American Territory.


Warranty program 12 to 24 months invoice date.

Technical training programs

Training programs focused on certifying AC and refrigeration technicians, with the aiming to strengthen good practices and improving skills.

Invotech Authorized Technician Program

As an authorized Invotech technician, you will enjoy different advantages such as discounts, raffles, promotions, etc.

Invotech Technologies

As an Invotech consumer you will have access to technology such as a mobile application and you will be able to learn more information about our Invotech Scroll Compressors.

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